André Castro: Love, professionalism and work

Kasimpasa 28-year-old midfielder has three seasons wearing the uniform in our league and has received praise for his ability to play both bi-directional stability. Puerto infrastructure overtake Olhanense and Sportign Gijon experience living in the Portuguese player, the success secret of her love of football, also explains that after much work or professional lives and be successful.

First, let us congratulate the country due to the European Championship in Portugal. How do you feel about that as a former Portuguese footballer?

Quite glad behalf of my country. a Portuguese players all over the world. Young players also showed a significant achievement far in this tournament. Every day a growing football tournament in Portugal football … in the previous quarter-finals, we showed ourselves in the semi-finals. But there was a championship title is missing. He and the players we have we won the championship title with our investment. I’m quite happy for it.

Leiria you born April 2, 1988. How did you get as a child?

I am very happy child and spent a happy childhood. I always had a great passion in me against football. Neither the lego cars as much attention as I heard my interest in football. Being alone or to be with my friends, it was not a very important factor for me to play football. Their football is the ball a solo, I was passing by the wall. Continuous soccer ball in my hand and it was a great passion for me.

Where to meet in football and what happened then?

I met football was too early. Yet I was 5 years old. The Dramático is started in a football club. I was quite small. Then I continued there until the age of 8. I went to another club at the age of 8. I went to the infrastructure already 11 years old Porto and was so continued my career.

Many friends started to play football but you can not play the moment you got it and you come to an important point. you when you look back, what were the distinctive features of the friends failed?

I really played with a lot of young and talented players. Some 15, some 17 years old came up to six national teams. He would be much less of a professional footballer. In fact, I think being a professional secret lies beneath them. Because after a certain behavior you have shown that you can not decide where to draw draw your professional path. Especially at the age of 14-15, I had to visit my request to go out with my friends. But I prefer to rest once was too. Because we had training the next day. I always pay attention to myself. I was always too focused on what I want to do. They failed to players, while the evenings when alcohol or smoking cigarettes or more different things I approached a little more professional. I pay attention to everything. this can be the difference between us. It’s not just something that is caused by the quality … quality players at the same time because you have to be professional. When you can achieve this, but can you be a professional footballer.

Professional career began in the Portuguese giants Porto team. How did you get from a training when he returned to days? They teach you what they stand on what topics?

In fact, Porto You will teach you not only how players. At the same time it will be taught how a human being. For example, when I was little, academy if your grades in school uniform to wear in matches that weekend was good, if not impossible. Both were supposed to pay attention to your school and club football. It was one of the most important moves that have made Porto. At the same time we think tactically and technically, how to pass will be made on the basis of football, how the shot will be taken, it will be or how it will be with you how to pass the ball in front of a lot of things are taught. Once a professional has a lot of work there. We are very loaded. In this way, I received an education in Porto.

You played as a rental at Sporting Olhanense team between 2008-2010. Can you tell us about your days there?

When I went to Sporting Olhanense 2 and 47 years was playing in League 1 League exit could not achieve the success. Porto used to playing soccer coach Jorge Costa had gone there. He called me and offered. Porto was playing and I did not look favorably on the proposal. Because the idea of ​​playing to go to the 2nd League Porto did not attractive. But Jorge Costa told me, “Do not you want to pass on the history of this club?” asked. He offered me a lot of confidence came as attractive. I went there. We won the championship. Target 1. League already. I had quite a nice time. For me it was very important success.

Immediately after his return to Spain, this time you held in Porto and Sporting Gijon’s the way you played in the team. It was the first international experience. How was your day Spain?

I spent a fantastic day for me in Spain … Already the Spanish league was the best league in the world. Our goal was to stay in the league at Sporting Gijon. We perform this objective. We played very good matches. I had the opportunity to play against the world’s best players. Ronaldo, I played against Messi. Real Madrid won the match in the field. Quite a historic moment for us. We played great matches. I had a good time. I showed good performance. I threw Goals. I have fought the good fight. Everything went my way. People there loved me. I still have to write back. Sporting Gijon’s place is different for me. In my heart I distinguish them separately.

Two Portugal, lived a UEFA Cup winner with Porto. To achieve such great success, how did it feel for a young player?

It was a great feeling. I was not a team player, but maybe I find it quite as much luck. Especially in my last season in 26 games played. vital statistics for a young player … This success was very important. We were a very good friend of our group. There was a nice team spirit there. We won 20 games in a row. Constantly wanting to win and I was with a group of players who think only of the possibility of winning. That’s why we won 20 games in a row. Pretty good feelings, were pretty good.

This great success is very important when you look back … experience has taught you what?

I learned a lot. I played with great players, I found the opportunity to work with a great coach too. I also learned something from all of them. To imitate their successful ways that I try to understand. I learned professionalism. I learned to work harder after successful. OK, but what are you celebrating after winning a celebration time for celebration; working time to study. I gained very important experience of all.

It intersected with road Kasimpasa the 2013-2014 season. Before you come on loan, it was then testimonial. Kasımpaşa’ya the transfer process, you tell us?

I came in as a rental purchase option. I caught a good form chart in the process I played as a rental. After that process has heard me interested in Besiktas. But he wanted to use the purchase option Kasimpasa. I also wanted. Because it wanted to achieve the goals. This is an important project and an important club. We continually European destination. We’re getting close to that goal. We pursue this goal. We are working very well for this.

You have stability monument far from the first season coming to Kasimpasa. In the first season, 34 in the second season of 32, you played in the 34 matches in the third season. Except you wear this uniform stability Sporting Gijon could not catch the other team. What do you think the reasons for this?

In fact, I played in a regular team except I wear other uniforms Rico. I caught the same stability. In Gijon and including Olhanense. I got a lot of work in Porto but could not catch the same number. The reason for this was a very good midfield players Porto. I waited behind them. I played when luck. I worked in most matches. Other than that, I played regularly at other teams.

28 years old and a footballer. There’s a contract until the end of next season with Kasimpasa. How do you want to plan the rest of his career?

Currently my plan is to spend a nice season with Kasimpasa in the short term and to give the team the best that I can. My contract was finished, I had goals, like every player. In more and bigger teams to go forward I want to wear a uniform. But of course we can see it when my contract ends. I want to do my best to show a good performance this season Kasimpasa. I always aim to progress.

45 times young, you played for the national team 10 times. How do you assess the fact the national team? How a thrill?

Quite a big sense of pride and satisfaction … to serve the national team is always very important thing … One of the biggest goals already reach to become the national team players. I continue to work towards this goal. I still have that goal. To find it there, and to take part in the team is very proud. I really want to return to the national team.

After a day set point in football you dream to do what?

I would like to stay in the world of football. Young children can do a job coach or conditioner style. I want to coach the team very well.

How do you assess their leisure time in Istanbul?

Already I spend all my time with my family. I visited many important places of Istanbul. I’m going shopping with my family in the remaining time. I spend time with my family.

What is your favorite things to do in Turkey?

As I said, I like to go to restaurants. I love to be at the Bosphorus. I’m usually out because I love a lot of Turkish people.

How’s it going with Turkish cuisine?

I love the Turkish cuisine. Some dishes are spicy but I love it too much anyway. In particular, I really like baklava.

What do you like most footballers in the world?

Actually, I was thinking a little more younger. Deco was very good. I was watching what he was doing good. But there are many players in the evolving world of football. Xavi, Iniesta such a great footballer. They followed more carefully because they play in my district. It gives me a great pleasure to watch them. to give a single answer to this question is not easy.