Domžale – Aluminij 2: 0 (0: 0)

Sports Park, 800 spectators, referees: Kovacic (Grosuplje) Laugh (Fokovci) and Anželj (Silence).
* Sagittarius: 1: 0 Alvir (83), 2: 0 Majer (90).
* Domžale: Golubovic, Wide, Halilovic, Horvat, Dobrovoljc, Balkovec, Majer, Morel, Bratanović (from 77 Vuk) Batrović (from 69 Repas) Mance (from 56 Alvir).
* Aluminum: Janžekovič, Krljanović, Kramer (from 70 Petrović), Vrbanec, Bizjak (from 64 Škoflek), Zeba, bars, Turkalj, Rebernik (from 86 Srdić) Jaksic, Kocić.
* Yellow Cards: Morel Dobrovoljc, Alvir; Kocić.
* Red card: /.

Domžalski team under the leadership of new coach Simon Rozman came to defeating the penultimate aluminum. Favored locals have long trli kidričevski walnuts, crushed by the only playoff game, when they reached the two items. These are at least temporarily take them to another site rankings.

In the first half the team were fairly equivalent, a few more shots are triggered guests. But he does not Domžale Aluminium footballers are not severely undermining rivals behind. One of the more dangerous he was shot Zhanna Majerje 38 minutes, which is 20 meters criteria a bit too high.

Immediately after the introduction of the second half after a beautiful play home we come up with new opportunities, as Lucas Horvat inside the path, a volley tried Benjamin Morel, but he also shot across goal. After 66 minutes, the counterattack threatened the hosts, the right hand side of the penalty area, the aim for slightly missed Žiga Škoflek.

A minute later the 25 meters with the free kick attempt Jure Balkovec, that today celebrates its 22nd birthday, but the ball just wide of the left post. This was followed by an unsuccessful campaign, mainly domestic, that despite the superiority in the number of shots can not find the right path through the defense from Kidričevo.

Have it in 83 minutes after an Morel cross hit his head reservist Marko Alvir. But is otherwise effort glanced into the ground and back into the game. The judges evaluated the ball with the total volume passed the goal line.

In the 90th minute he Morel stole the ball in the middle of the field. The fire sent Slobodan Vuk, who himself came from behind Luka Janžekovič a goal. In addition the jump are confirmed Domzale win. After a beautiful cross by Jan Majer Repasi from the right side he came alone in front of the visitors’ keeper, and ugnal a shot into the bottom right corner.

Domzale will be in the 9th round next Saturday toured in Celje, Aluminium will host a day later Olimpija.