Novi Pazar welcomes Vojvodina

Today in Novi Pazar to be played behind the 1st round match between Serbian Super League of the club and guests from Novi Sad, Vojvodina team. This match has not been played as planned because of the demands of Novi Sad in European qualifying.

Novi Pazar is solid despite all the problems started a new football league season and after a delayed match 1.kola with Vojvodina recorded a draw in the match against Javor Matis (1: 1) and two victories in duels with Čukarički (1: 0) and Spartak (5: 2 ). However, there were a defeat in the next three primary schools in duels with teams Rada (0: 2), Borca (1: 2) and Red Star (1: 4), as well as a draw with the team of Metalac in the previous round (0: 0) . Pazarci with eight points and one match encounter less now occupy 11-th place in the standings. Novosađani after seven encounters played with the balance of five wins and two draws, but with 17 points and one match less sword now occupy 2nd place on superligaškoj table. It is interesting that the defense ” lala ” received the least goals in the previous part of the season, only two. Puleni Nenad Lalatovic victories are recorded in duels with teams OFK Backa (1: 0), Partizan (3: 1), Maple Mathis (4: 0), Cukaricki (3: 1) and Spartak (5: 0), while meetings with teams progress and I finished with one point with no goals scored (0: 0).

During the last season of today’s rivals have met twice, and the more successful were the citizens of Novi Sad. The first match was played in Novi Sad and Vojvodina team has won convincingly by 4: 1 (1: 0). Scorers for ‘tulips” at that meeting were Babic, Ivanic, Palocevic and Stanisavljević (penalty), while the ” slow ” goal for Novi Pazar achieve Ruševica in stoppage time. The second match was played in Novi Pazar, and ended in a draw 1: 1 (0: 1). They took from Novi Sad in the first part of the game over Ivanic, and equalization is Pazarci brought Osmanagic in the second half. If we consider the mutual balance in the last 11 matches played in domestic competitions (in the period 2011-2015) team Vojvodina was far more successful with nine victories, one draw and just one defeat. The only success Novi Pazar is achieved in their stadium in the 2013/14 season, and the result was 2: 0th

The hosts at this meeting included the desire to be in front of their fans open play oppose quality rival after four games without a win to reach the three very important points. About this in his statement given to the media before the meeting and spoke the best player pazarac, Enver Alivodić, who once played for the team from Novi Sad:

” Namerićemo to serious and quality rivals that has a great variety of players and the possibility of rotation. We will try to impose their rhythm, we will defend ourselves and hope for a favorable outcome. I wish the triumph, but the most important thing is not to lose. ”

He compared today’s team and the way the game of Vojvodina with the period when he was one of the key players ” Old Lady ”:

” I still have a serious club, it always will be. They have a strong team, no matter what the playing squad completely changed compared to the time I played. Dejan Meleg best running interruptions in the league. Of course, you should pay attention to other segments, are dangerous in all positions. ”

The camp guests with a lot of confidence entering this game, the main goal is to get a new victory to remain in equal race for first place in superligaškoj table. That’s what the press conference held prior to this meeting spoke and head coach of the Novi Sad team Nenad Lalatović who pointed out that expects to win the three points and that the greatest danger threatening the administration of ” motivated ” Enver Alivodic:

” The atmosphere in the club, as well as among the players in training is great and it is from this atmosphere and we made the results so far. We are currently in the second position and that we want and to stay. Our plan is to win the next three matches and then on “Maracana” try to fight for first place. In Novi Pazar, we expected a very tough away game against a very good host. They have great individuals, and that in particular, the former player of Vojvodina Alivodic to this match welcome with great enthusiasm. I know that he had no desire to return to Vojvodina and certainly will want to show that for him here should be the city. Just like me, Novi Pazar has great fans, and if they are allowed, I hope that our fans come to support us and be our 12.igrač, so we joined forces tried to get to new victories. I believe in my players and their quality, as well work and we have a winning atmosphere, you want to keep and after Novi Pazar. We have no injured players and will play only Kovacevic for cardboard, while the other can count. ”

Residual sword 1.kola Serbian Super League between Novi Pazar and Vojvodina game today, Wednesday September 14, 2016, starting at 16:30.