Radványi passed the examination Myjava coach

To beat Slovan Bratislava, in addition to its home turf will not go easy task. Myjave we succeeded for the fifth time in a row, yet it is still escapade. To what do you attribute the success of Saturday’s?

“I think we were at the match against Slovan well prepared tactically. Before the match we said clearly that we have to start actively and play fearlessly, we meet on the dot and we scored a quick goal. We played well as further compact and household we do not let break into anything. Of the second half already on our part that was not sovereign, we gave Slovan more space, allowing it could reach greater opportunities. Nakniec we were but we who put after an attack Mehremiča second goal of the match and are sufficiently experienced team in order to win in this duel defend. ”

Remarkable series began even for coach Radúza Dorňák continued in the era of Peter Gergely and last season had the other two victories manuscript Norbert Hrnčár. You pleased that you join them?

“I must admit I was before the game because of the series a bit nervous. I’m glad I did not lag behind their peers and as Slovan to win them, it also succeeded in my work. Each series is, of course, once finished, but I’m glad it did not happen when I coach and I can continue to play the rest of that job. ”

Series victories on the field Slavs began in season 2013/14, when Baker decided to duel, the following year was the match winning signature Oršula today Slovan player. Last season took place on Myjava Slovan two duels, both decided brewery. Although neither of the previous heroes walk in the jersey of Spartak, you have managed to win, plus you once again not allowed Slovan goal of the game …

“I am very pleased that Slovan can give only goal from the penalty I must commend the boys. Every year, someone is coming, even before this season we had some departures, as well as injuries. However, Pavlik came, who is on the defensive and outstanding together with Ostojic is possibly one of the best stoperská pairs throughout the league. Regions have also resolved, despite the fact that we dropped out for health reasons hookworm, very well represent him Mehremič. In the middle we have experienced and quality players how to act Marček, Brigant, Bilovský. I am glad that it started to pour again KOLÁŘ. Recently he had a son, and I know from experience that lasts a few weeks, until the head is cleaned and football can once again concentrate fully on the game. Already on Tuesday, during the pre-match Plovdiv I saw the prey goes into clashes. I’m glad he was able to once again even sooner. ”

You say that the onset of the second half was identical to the introduction. You have played more with the parking middle, but when Slovan would probably open game equaled suicide, do you agree?

“Of course, we had to move further back. It was a tactical intention, as in the first half part of the domestic nakopávali ball behind the defense and were dangerous. Respectively could be if they were accurate. That is why we go deeper, we have good hlavičkár as Pavlik or Ostojic, then added Černáček. The problem may have been that the middle we were not aggressive enough and gave Slovan more space, but we advise you with that. We played dynamically, it was crucial that we could play our game. I was like that, especially in the first half were home so dynamic. After the break, however, the game speed up, be aggressive, but thank God we made it. It is always difficult to play a compact defense to what we have. They are teams against whom is playing hard and Myjava Slovan is for just such men. ”

The success is also due to the excellent efficiency, have achieved two goals from three shots on goal …

“Although this is a very good sign. Rather we win ten times as one goal difference päťgólovým triumph once and several times thereafter do not get the point. Few Slovan on the team gets to so many chances, many have given my goals. With that, we also counted, we played from a secure defense, vyrážali to counter-attack, and it is worth to us. ”

After the vice-champion awaits duel with champion will be similar to the tactics and match with AS Trencin?

“We are playing at home, so tactics will be the same. But we will not play recklessly. Although the Trenčín has relatively few points, still it has a good team, good players who are strong on the ball. I think the league Fortuna weak user has, but of course that some teams are above average, as the Slavs, Trenčín, Žilina, maybe Ruzomberok. Every match is difficult, we have to choose the right tactics and react well to the course of the duel. ”

According to the results at the beginning of the season, it seems that bronze from the previous one might not be unrealistic. From the third point you score so far only divided, and the Podbrezová lose four or five points to Žilina. Think of repetition of action in the Europa League and a year?

“We’re not talking about the European Cup and we will not even talk. I came to the team, which in the past was based on the defense equipment and was highly effective at doing it and I just love it when that this will continue, and the season will evolve in our favor. ”

In last place in the table is still in Dunajska Streda, whom you have often managed to save. Yet he did not call nobody there?