Team started work at the head of Martin Reim

Estonian national team head coach Martin Reim started work, assisted by a new office, Andres Oper, Mart Poom and Janno Stone Bridge. Reim contract lasts until the end of the World Cup series choice.

45-year-old Reim famous player squad from 1992 to 2009, representing Estonia in a record 157 times and putting 14 goals. In the years 1995, 1997 and 1999, he served in the national team, perhaps the most beautiful hit Silver Ball award, once it has been selected as the best football player of the year. As a player, coach and seven came Reim of Estonia twice champion, cup victory he arrived as a player and coach in three once.

Reim earned in 2004, the Estonian Football Association, and in 2011 the silver badge of the White Star V class decoration. Until then, he was in office U23 and U21 teams head coach.

37-year-old assistant coach position taken Oper represented the national team from 1995 to 2014 a total of 134 in the game, and created a record 38 goals. Oper was elected three times as the best football player of Estonia, on two occasions, he won the Silver Ball. Former striker prize cabinet has three Estonian Championship titles and one Cup victory. In 2000, he came to Denmark in 2008 and the Dutch Cup final.

In 2007 the Football Association Oper silver badge. In recent years he has been the coach’s office in England, from this year the Estonian national youth team at.

44-year-old goalkeeper Poom was represented by 120 national team in the game. In his long and successful career, he played in several clubs in England, composed of Arsenal earned a cage lock 2006 UEFA Champions League won a silver medal. Estonia was selected as the best football player of boom on six occasions. In 2003, he was recognized as the best football player of the last half-century Ireland.

Coach worked Poom Arsenal in 2009-2010, the Estonian team at he started in 2009. Boom is attributed to Paul Keres Fair Play Award for Small Sword (2002), Cultural Endowment of Estonia (2009), the White Star IV Class Order (2010), the EOC Order ( 2015) and the football Association to mark the silver (2004).

The total is Reimil, Operil The boom and after a three-letter team 411 games and 52 goals.

Estonia’s national team, the following meetings will take place on 7 and 10 October, A. Le Coq Arena, which will host World Cup series, according to the choice of Gibraltar and Greece.