We play alumni!

No one is born a champion. The road leads to the title of a winding path among the great challenges and sacrifices. At the end is a celebrity, trophies, playing at full stands. And in the beginning? The youth academy. Here the first steps placed the number of players currently existing in LOTTO the league. Some of them are still weapons colors of teams, where they gathered first football experience. As they presented themselves in the 8th round, falling in the European Week of Sport and the duration of the project Ekstraklasa Foundation and the Ministry of Sport and Tourism – Akademie Extra Class?

Pupils according to the definition adopted by UEFA, “players who were in the club at least three years between the finite 15 years of age (or at the beginning of the season, in which over 15 years) and 21 years of age (or at the end of the season, in which over 21 years) ”


Last weekend 23 players played in the colors of the clubs, which are alumni. Of the sixteen teams in the ranks of only three – the Vistula River Plock, Bruk-Bet Termalica® and Miner – ran out of players with such status. This season, moreover, none of the teams from the trio did not use the services of one player but honed in his academy football.

At the opposite pole is Ruch Chorzow. Blues regularly intercede for the team as many as five of their pupils. The members of the quintet brought up the quiet Kamil Lech, Martin Konczkowski, Patryk Lipski, Maciej and Piotr Urbanczyk Ćwielong ran in this line included the pitch in Wroclaw and played the whole match against to Silesia. The hero of this match was the last one, which is popular “Pepe”. Author of the well-known saying of Sunday’s weather made a foul on the team from which four years ago celebrated Polish championship two goals. These were his first goals in the colors of the Movement since May 2008, and also the double premiere of the player in the league LOTTO.

Alumnus Pogon Szczecin and at the same time continue its current player, Luke Zwoliński also enrolled in the 8th round as the leader of the classification in terms of the number of shots and shots customs.

Ćwielong was not the only pupil of the hit for his club in the 8th round. This feat also recorded the Luke Zwoliński (Chase), Radosław Murawski (Piast) and Patryk Malecki (Wisla). Thanks to this series of meetings was a record in the current season in terms of the number of goals achieved by the players appearing once in the junior teams of the current teams.

Alumnus Pogon Szczecin and at the same time continue its current player, Luke Zwoliński also enrolled in the 8th round as the leader of the classification in terms of the number of shots and shots customs. He fired five times at the gate of the opponent, this four attempts – all outside matters worse penalty – went towards goal. In addition to the attacker dockers highest score in the number of shots on the court also recorded the two other inmates defending their colors nightlife Peter Ćwielong (4) and Krzysztof Mączyński (3). In total, the thirteen, or 56.5%, pupils have taken at least one attempt to overcome the goalkeeper rivals.

In the classification match Lech Poznan – Pogon Szczecin distinguished himself as another player who from his youth there in the maroon and navy blue colors – Sebastian Rudol. The second youngest goal scorer for dockers in the twenty-first century at the highest level rozgrywkowym, this time came in first place in the number of plays and passes among the participants of the clash at the Stadium INEA.


High results in these categories also have noted Michael Marcjanik with Arka Gdynia (61 plays, 50 passes) and Patryk Lipski (61 plays, 44 administration). Michael Kopczyński from Legia Warsaw was in turn the most effective substitute 8. queue. Within half an hour the game scored on 35 plays, including 31 passes (28 tariff), which means that the ball passed his team-mates at least once per minute.

Michael Marcjanik was moreover player with the best result in steals in the match Korona Kielce with the Ark Gdynia. The same feat also made a Sebastian Rudol during a clash with Lech Poznan Pogoń Szczecin. Both pupils recorded the result of 25 balls recovered in the meetings of their respective teams. The entire line better in this respect presented only three other players.