Win with or without Bertolio

The premiere at the Europa League groups starts tonight with a match already considered crucial for our team. The Astana although it is theoretically the fourth team from the capacity side has everything needed to be found in the next phase of the competition. APOEL its part will seek the victory that will put him from the beginning in an advantageous position.

As noticed by the administration and avoid the coach to speak clearly to qualify after last year’s mishap and the image sent by the group so far is not such as to enable optimistic estimates or which subsequently may outweigh the climate.

The Christiansen now has options in relation to the previous races Qualifiers Champions League, after it said yesterday Hares Bertolio and de Camargo are to the required degree of readiness.

If a player’s participation may prove barometer for the whole racing behavior of the group, this is the Bertolio. As we have seen both struggled so far this is a player who’s actions may give APOEL extra boost and creative options you want.

Now whether the most familiar Orlando to its original shape see him or if I preferred something that would decide the Christiansen if it has not already done so.